Minister of reactive SAG model farm Flor Azul


The Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG), Jacobo Regalado, the model farm reopened Blue Flower, the Baby Friendly Society, located in Ojo de Agua, which is led by Sister Mary Rose, an event that had the presence of cooperating friends who sympathize with the cause, government officials, beneficiaries and residents of the area.
 In his speech the Minister of SAG, James said given that "every single person who has come to add their knowledge here has managed to admire what Sister Mary does for the children of Honduras."
SAG said the technicians made available to contribute to the revival of the production unit which has already secured the market when the harvest comes.
"Thanks to all companies that have supported this effort and I hope to implement the livestock will be further strengthened this model farm as it will be a source of resource, income, welfare and knowledge," he said.
On-farm grown beans, corn, banana and tomato so that the officer considers it important to teach children and youth to work the land.
Meanwhile, Jeovanny Herrera, director of Blue Flower said "it is a great joy to see this dream realized it will bring many blessings, we thank all organizations through the years have helped us to provide this foundation, thanks for donating this greenhouse. "
Meanwhile, Leopoldo Duran, present FENAGH said the reopening of Flor Azul is an unforgettable event as it is a productive unit. "We are amazed by the dynamism of Sister Mary to address topics such as learning by doing to educate children," he said.
He said he was inaugurating the first part of the production unit on agriculture but later will be in the area where swine livestock, poultry, ovicaprina allowing it to become a model farm.