“Pedro Atala” Children Homes


Day care 2 kids atending 
Kínder 2 kids atending
Primary school, 25 children atending, all of them aprobed their grades
High school, 11 teenagers, 2 failed.
University, 2 teenagers
Project Life
One boy was moved to Flor Azul teenage Project. 
One boy left the Project to live with his biological mother.
22 children received their first communion.
All the kids received training on psychology, personality and Library use.
16 groups from Canada and US visited the project
8 Honduran volunteer groups joined us on different activities.
We had important celebrations.
 Trips to interactive center Chiminike (3)
Trips to the movies (2)
Visits to a park (1)
Visits to the Mall (1)
Divino Niño home construction was finished
We changed the doors from all the homes
We changed Windows at  Asís e Inmaculado Corazón de María homes
The wall between Asís y Corazón de Jesús homes was painted
Construction and equipment of a new study room.
All the homes were painted
Kitchen cabinet were built in all homes.
Asís home wall fence was built.
Cistern was cleaned and new water lines were installed.
Starting in June Atala family is supporting 50% of salaries.
Parasite medicine and vitamins were supplied twice to the kids 
Four kids are under permanent theraphy at Teleton ( rehabilitation center)
We had 2 medical brigades