"Reyes Irene Valenzuela" Training Center

SAVE THE CHILDREN U.K. raised the need to Sociedad Amigos de los Niños (SAN)to start actions to create an educational space, providing protection, Legal advice,  recreation and support for groups of young girls and adolescents working at third parties homes of Tegucigalpa. This is how in the year 2001, SAN takes the decision to organize project Reyes Irene Valenzuela as a response to the plight of these girls but capable to provide a component beyond raised expectations. Its name was given in memory of a lawyer “Reyes Irene Valenzuela”, who worked side to side on par to Sister María Rosa since the beginnings of SAN until her death. The main contribution of SAVE THE CHILDREN U.K. to the project was on developing a technical team and a set of technical tools, legislative framework and strategies to address the issue of child domestic labour. His greatest influence in the project was to promote a children's rights approach, especially in the education program non-formal, vocational training, and recreation, legal and psychological assistance.


Below we present a historical overview of friends organizations and supporters:

SAVE THE CHILDREN U.K. helped to establish a conceptual framework for addressing child domestic labour.
SCOUT GIRLS ASSOCIATION of HONDURAS, they were the first donor for the beauty shop and also strengthened the project on educational techniques.

IUVE (cooperation of Spain) helped distance education program established by the Ministry of education.
OIT – IPEC (INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMME ON ERADICATION CHILD LABOUR) Reyes Irene Project prepared a technical proposal to the IPEC/ILO aimed to raise awareness of the harmfulness of this type of work in municipalities and areas where working girls belong to.
COMUNICANDO VIDA(AED-PSI) supplied funds and support for technical training on reproductive health, adolescent pregnancy and HIV/AIDS.

CONEANFO (Commission for alternative non formal education) the main activities that characterize this relationship were: training the project’s technical team. Purchase of equipment for workshops.
INFOP (National Institute for Professional training) their participation was by strengthening the team skills on development educational curricula, vocational training and workshop for teachers, assuming their wages.
FHIS – FIDAS (Honduran social investment fund) they provided educational material, equipment and tools for vocational workshops. They also provided musical instruments.

KINDER NOT HILFE (KNH) Their contribution has been since technical and financial support, staff training and youth project.

Friends of Honduran Children, Canada; Honduran Children Rescue Fund, USA; Narine Foundation, Canada; Global Brigades Honduras and Hilton Sisters Foundation, USA are donors that have supported us significantly and continuously for many years.

The population served in the project began with 60 young girls domestic workers; currently we have 439 girls and young workers. We have to date legal, socio-economic, doctors and academics records for each of these underserved girls. Each year we have progress evaluations made jointly with the young girls; these allow us to make changes which contribute to the achieve the project and girls goals. Our graduates have a title endorsed and accepted by the Ministry of education. Now the project has over ten years of experience on supporting this kind of forgotten population.