“Christiane” Day care and Kindergarden

Sister María Rosa has always been accompanied in her work in favor of children and families by a nun from her religious community. (The School Sisters of St. Francis). In the beginning she was accompanied by Sor Viro, later on by Sister Roswindis, they both already deceased. Since 1984 she had the honor to work with Sister Chirstiane Emig, a German nun who has collaborated attending patients, managing nursing school, managing and training staff at the single mothers project at Nuevo Paraiso.

Actually, she is the principal and founder of the Daycare and Kindergarden “Christiane” that bears its name to honor her dedication.

The daycare and Kíndergarden Christiane is an indispensable need for project new paradise because single mothers can train and work calm and that their children or children in the household may be well catered to developing their capacities according to their interests and age. The nursery and kindergarten also offers this service to the employees of our programs: primary school, clinic, Institute, Guest House.  It also benefits our neighbors from Nueva Esperanza community and other communities around. A symbolic fee is charged to contribute and support the center.