Medical Brigades "Dr. Jim McCallum "

This project was created over 30 years ago when Sor María Rosa and Dr. Jim McCallum from Canada gather their efforts to give a response motivated by the great need of medical attention to the Honduran population due to the critical situation of the majority of health centers generally on lack of medication.
Sporadically, we started to bring medical brigades to remote communities, mainly providing health services, dental and in many cases accompanied by provision of food and clothing. After the passage of Hurricane Mitch we went massively to meet the need and currently make an average of four monthly medical brigades. During 2011 we provided medical attention to 16,502 patients and during 2012 we provided 15,829 through medical brigades on different regions of the country. These attentions were carried out in the following way: in the Area of Choluteca 3000 people attended in February. In the area of Copán 2000 people attended during the month of March. 1657 People were treated in the area of Danli and the rest were treated in communities close to our project Nuevo Paraiso in Morocelí, Department of El Paraiso used as headquarter. The communities are: Nueva Esperanza, Guadalajara, El Suyate, Mata de platano, Joyas del Carballo, Quebrada Grande, El Porvenir, Cantarranas, Valle arriba, Los Cerritos, Hoya Grande, El Chaguite, jicarito, San Antonio de Oriente among others.


Who is Dr. Jim McCallum?