Nuevo Paraiso Elementary School

Elementary School “Nuevo Paraiso” initiates activities on December 13, 1991 as per Accord Sep-91, and as a response to the lack of opportunities and the inadequate education provided in the rural areas of the country, in general.

The school attends 6 elementary school grades. Presently it has 250 boys and girls, with an 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. schedule. The Secretary of Public Education, which makes regular supervision visits, rules the education provided in the school.

The textbooks used are those required by the Secretary of Education, and classrooms are duly equipped. The school also has a small library, a dining room and we expect to shortly equip a classroom to provide computing lessons.

The School, together with the World Food Program, provides children a well balanced snack to ensure that they are well nourished and guarantee a good school performance. The Clinic Santa Rosa de Lima periodically carries out dental checkups and fluoridation campaigns at the school.