“Nuevo Paraiso” Children Homes

Education Area
—Kinder 15 Children attended
—Primary school 76 children attended
—High School  19 teenagers attended, one of them finished with a degree in computer technology
—Fast page education on weekends 1 girl attended.
—All the children and teenagers approved their grade.
—YoselinArdonand Leticia Garcia were moved to  Tegucigalpa for university studies
Health Area
—In general we have had decreased the number of respiratory problems, malaria, diarrheas and vomiting
—We have 12 kids with permanent medical treatment
—We have developed psychological treatments year round
Spiritual Area
—Baptism 15 kids
—First Communion 18 kids
—Confirmation 5 teenagers
—Spiritual retreats  4
—Bible training sessions  to 17 children from chorus, acolytes, 6th grade and high school
—2 new homes were built
—Toilets and pipe lines were changed at Paul home
—New stoves were bought for Sol and Hope homes
—Screen doors and fans were installed
—Agape home was complete painted
Project Life
—Wehosted4 family visits quarterly
—About 35 Canadian and US groups visited the project
—Various groups did piñata celebration to the kids
—EngiSilva left the project to live with her family.
—Trips to the movies
—Various quinceanerabirthday celebrations
—Various celebrations
—Visit to the Zoo and Picachopark.
—Trip to Tegucigalpa for a gathering to receive a donation on Toms shoes